Dr. Grace explains the Total Weight Loss Cure program.

Dr. Grace explains the Total Weight Loss Cure program.

Weight Loss Breakthrough Program

Total Weight Loss Cure is a complete, all natural and safe weight management and body shaping program. The program addresses slow metabolism, emotional eating, cravings and binges as well as loss of muscle and low energy. Board certified Chinese Medicine physician and psychotherapist Dr. Grace Soltynski has a proven, clinical way to help you lose the weight permanently for a thinner and healthier You!

12 weeks, 12 sessions:

Session 1. Comprehensive interview; physical exam; anti-oxidant scan; iodine test; body measurements; blood work; and saliva/hormone testing (if necessary).

Session 2. 30 day purification process; selection of appropriate “core” weight loss method (ageLOCTR90/Oral Homeopathic hA2cg Evolution); and introduction of supporting supplements.

Session 3. Individualized instructions; or acupuncture and/or infrared blanket.

Session 4. Proper breathing device & technique for weight loss; acupuncture and/or infrared blanket.

Session 5. Exploration of your emotional relationship with food…”Emotional Freedom Technique”.

Session 6. Body measurements & acupuncture.

Session 7-11. Acupuncture and/or infrared blanket.

Session 12. Focus on “life plan” including nutritional counseling, supplements, movement, and body galvanic.

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