Why Take the InBody Test?

When we measure our weight, what are we actually seeing? Weight alone is a poor indicator of good health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle. Taking the InBody Test divides weight into water, muscle, and fat.

The InBody scan will help you determine your overall health and understand your risk for disease, but more importantly it tells you exactly what you need to do to return to optimal health.

The 45 second InBody Analysis is a quick, non-invasive test that helps you:

  • Understand your Weight
  • Measure your Strength
  • Manage your Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat & Fat to Muscle Distribution
  • Monitor your Water Balance
  • Determine your overall health and risk for disease
  • Set Health Goals with specific information on how much fat to lose and how much muscle to gain
  • Track Your Progress

You will receive a full color report of the following parameters:

  • Body Composition Analysis – measures how much fat, bone, muscle and water make up your total weight.
  • Obesity Analysis – measures your total body fat percentage as well as visceral fat to help you determine your overall health and risk for disease.
  •  Segmental Lean Analysis – measures muscle in each arm, each leg and trunk and indicates how much muscle you need to gain for optimal health. The InBody scanner is the ONLY test that measures the trunk or core of the body.
  •  Segmental Fat Analysis – measures fat in each arm, each leg and trunk and indicates how much fat you need to lose for optimal health.
  •  IntraCellular & ExtraCellular Water Analysis – measures hydration as well as water retention.
  •  Body Composition History (on repeat tests)

Click here to see a report sample.

For a LIMITED TIME we are offering the InBody scan for $75 ($25 savings off regular price) when you schedule on our “scan days”. To get a complete list of the dates and to schedule your scan call us at 714-730-2233.