Taking a Bite out of Aging

  • Do You ever wonder why some people look and feel younger than their actual age while others appear much older than they really are?
  • Do you believe that the way you age is predetermined genetically?
  • Do you feel helpless about aging, as if there was nothing you could do to impact on it or change it?
  • Is diet alone enough to slow or even reverse the aging process?
  • What role does exercise play in our never-ending quest to regain youth and vitality?
  • Can nutritional supplements help?
  • What about the emotional aspect of healthy aging?

If you are curious about any of the above issues or perhaps have answers you would like to share, please join me, Grace Soltynski, for an evening of loose talk on what it means to age in a healthy manner.

When:  March 9th, 2016  At 6:30 pm

Where:   The Healing Sanctuary

The goal of this unique Seminar is to help unveil secrets of Longevity, share, encourage, and motivate each other to continuously strive towards a healthier lifestyle.  To help ensure that we enjoy the years ahead of us in a productive and vital way.

Sixty percent of Baby Boomers will be living with more than one chronic condition over the next 20 years.  Do not become a statistic!  Join me on March 9th  to learn and share how to truly take a bite out of aging!


Seating is limited, call today to reserve your seat!